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Click the button to downlaod the Soundcloud Downlaoder Pro v1.0.2.

How it works?

How to install Soundcloud Downloader Pro?

IMPORTANT: Set your download setting

Is it free?

How it works?

1. Open, then you will find a lot of Download buttons.

2. Select a playlist or a song, then it will open a download page. you can just click a button to download one song, or click the 'Download All' button to save all.

How to install Soundcloud Dwonload Pro?

1. Just click the DOWNLOAD button above, then save the Soundcloud Downloader Pro zip package to your computer.
Unpack the, you will find a *.crx file.

2. Open your Chrome broswer, goto the extensions page.
Copy chrome://extensions/ and paste to address bar. then press enter and goto the extensions page.

or, you can click the button and then goto the extension page.

3. In the extensions page, active the Developer Mode.

4. Refresh the extension page.

5. Drop the *.crx file to the extension page.

Click the Add extension button.

6. Done, now you can find the extension icon in your broswer.

Set your download setting

1.Click the button, add select Setting. or you can just copy 'chrome://settings/', and paste to your address bar.

2. Open the advanced.

3. Make sure to off the setting.

Is it free?


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